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The Ohio History Connection

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For over fifty-five years the Ohio Council on Economic Education (OCEE) has been working independently, and in concert with seven university-based Centers for Economic Education, to integrate vital economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship programs and content into the K-12 classroom. Through the use of relevant curricula and hands-on, engaging instructional strategies the OCEE elevates the importance of economic and financial literacy in an evolving global society.

The OCEE’s mission is to instill in students the fourth “R”- a real-world understanding of economics and personal finance. By acquiring economic and financial literacy skills students can see that there options for a high quality of life and that they can grow into successful and productive adults capable of making rational and responsible decisions. Our democratic system has at its foundation, polices, laws, funding, and programs critical to the safety and well-being of our community, state and nation. Having economic and financial literacy skills equips students to be engaged citizens and informed voters. 

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