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Strive to Drive


Strive to Drive is a ninety-minute high school classroom activity that ties together personal finance concepts and knowledge using a colorful game board poster and discussion cards that guide students through the process of purchasing their first car. 


Small groups of students work together as they find a job, research the vehicles of their choice, select insurance appropriate to their circumstances, and consider how to pay for and maintain their respective vehicles as responsible car owners. This activity may be broken into two class periods and is highly recommended for teachers working with students in the area of personal finance.


The materials for this activity are provided free to teachers in Ohio through grants from the Ohio Insurance Institute and State Farm Insurance. 


Each set consists of six game board posters and six sets of cards – enough for classes of 24-30 students. Our quantities are limited – Strive to Drive sets will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis. You can pick  up the Strive to Drive games at The Ohio History Connection at 800 17th Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43211; or the University of Cincinnati Economics Center at 225 Calhoun Street #370 Cincinnati, Ohio 45221. 


A copy of the Teacher’s Guide for Strive to Drive can be downloaded in PDF format here. 

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