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Resources & Links

Here are some great educational resources!

The Ohio State Treasurer's Office has created financial literacy teaching strategies for educators!  


Additional Links to Financial Literacy Resources

The Mint

Teen Business 

Beginners Guide to Investing 

5 Tips for Young Investors 

9 Ways to Teach Teenagers about Money 


Check out this article by Madison Jones entitled: Guide to Money Management for Kids. It contains financial literacy activities as well as information about saving and investing. http://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/guide-money-management-kids


Check out OSU's signature program Real Money Real World:  http://realmoneyrealworld.osu.edu/

Summit Capital Financing: has a lot of good information about money management and includes links to resources that will help teacher students about money while having fun. Check it out here: http://www.summitcapitalfinancing.com/kids-guide-to-money/

Fantasy Sports Daily Scholarship Program: We are interested in helping students who demonstrate a strong aptitude for higher learning, have a drive to improve themselves, and a desire to improve society in general. Winners will be determined by the Fantasy Sports Daily Executive team each Spring and Fall semester. Our Fall 2015 Scholarship Award is currently available and open to all eligible students who apply through our online application located here: https://www.fantasysportsdaily.com/scholarship


Here is a link to fillable Common Core-aligned lesson plan templates, which are completely free! Educators can create and fill out a lesson plan with a professional design for their math, science and language arts courses, and download them in PDF or MS Word format with a single click. http://formswift.com/common-core-lesson-plans


Check out Jackie Cummings Koski's book: Money Letters to my Daughter: The Letters that will make you laugh, cry and learn a whole lot about money in between!  This book is a series of letters from a mother to her daughter about all things dealing with money and personal finance. Every letter starts with a lesson and ends with love. In between, is easy-to-understand advice and guidance that will give you the foundation you need to make the most of your hard-earned money. 


Here is an online resource for explaining annuities and structured settlementsannuity.org/annuities/  


The Bakery Shop – A sweet place for learning basic economics! This free, online video game was designed to illustrate basic economic concepts such as goods and services, production, and profit to second grade students. We recommend using this website with the Econ Ed Link lesson, The Little Red Hen. Developed in conjunction with WOSU Public Media and ACCAD.



​ ​​​EconEdLink - An online resource center for teachers. Visit this site to find ready-to-use lessons, created by expert economic educators, on a variety of economic and financial concepts. Lessons are searchable by topic and/or grade level.


​KidsEcon Posters – These colorful, eye-catching posters (and their related lessons and materials) are ideal for teaching basic economic concepts at the primary level. All of the materials on this site can be ordered through the Ohio Council on Economic Education or our affiliated Centers for Economic Education..


Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education - Entrepreneurship education is a growing field of study for K-12 students, imparting skills that allow them to enter the world not just as potential employees, but potential employers. Learn more about encouraging student innovation at this site.


Ohio Resource Center: Social Studies Resources – Your one-stop-shop for all things relating to social studies, including lesson plans and classroom resources, professional development opportunities, and potential student activities.


Ohio Council for the Social Studies – Each spring this organization holds a Conference for social studies educators, that frequently includes breakout sessions on economics conducted by members of the OCEE network of affiliated Centers.


AmosWEB - This internet-based resource of economics information offered by AmosWEB LLC. AmosWEB LLC was established April 1, 2000 to publish economics information and instructional resources through the World Wide Web.


CIA Factbook - The factbook is a wealth of information for the social studies teacher. For economics teachers and lessons, it includes data on a nation’s GDP, labor force, inmports, exports, major resources, debt, currencies, and more.


Economic Education Web – The University of Nebraska – Omaha Center for Economic Education mainatins this portal to resources in all forms and at all levels. View lesson plans, standards, and links to additional resource sites.


The H. Kenneth Barker Center for Economic Education Reference Library - This virtual campus library will soon contain more than 5,000 individual reference resources in economic education; more than 500 curriculum and course work/study listings; over 250 direct links to additional resources and rapidly growing Fast Facts, Company Profiles, Special Study Center, and Interactive Online EconKIDS Learning Center listings.


Federal Reserve Education – Here you can find links to instructional materials and tools that can increase your understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics and financial education. All of the Fed web sites, curriculum, newsletters, booklets and other resources are free.


Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Learning Center and Money Museum – Come explore the history of money, how it shapes societies and cultures, and its central role in our lives. This website includes information on scheduling school tours and learning opportunities.


The United States Mint – This children’s website is a fun educational tool for students and teachers that generates interest in coins, the United States Mint, and U.S. history. Features games, student projects, and lesson plans.


Compare Cards- This website offers teachers a variety of lesson plans with the goal of educating children between the ages of 6-18 about the different aspects of building credit and credit card ownership.


The following link is just for fun:

One Red Paperclip – This personal web blog belongs to young man, Kyle, who has managed to trade an ordinary red paperclip for bigger and better things, until he reached his goal of trading for a house. He currently is working on a book of the experience and his site features Red Paperclip merchandise. An interesting illustration of Trade, Barter, and Entrepreneurship in contemporary North America! PLEASE NOTE: This blog site is not exclusively devoted to the red paperclip trades, and some material may not be suitable for students. OCEE is not responsible for content posted to the site.


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