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The video contest is open to all high school students, grades 9-12, in Ohio.

  • Individual students or teams may submit a video.  All official team members participating in the video contest much be listed as contestants’ names though additional students may appear in the video.


  • Only one video may be submitted per team.


  • Video must be original student work.


  • Any music used must be licensed under the Creative Commons License or be an original musical work created by the student. If neither licensed under the Creative Commons License nor an original musical work, the student must submit a grant of permission from the Copyright owner to use the music.


  • A teacher/parent must advise and be responsible for the supervision of the student(s) but must not create the video for the students. All communication will be sent to the teacher/parent advisor by U.S. mail and/or email.


  • The winning teams will be notified through mail and/or e-mail. Each team must submit a letter of acceptance within fourteen (14) days of being notified or the team’s prize will be forfeited.


  • Individuals who have previously won the Take Action Video Contest may not participate.


  • Employees and immediate children or dependents of employees of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office or Ohio Council on Economic Education may not participate in the 2014 Take Action Video Contest.

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